About Us!

       Let me start by introducing myself.. My name is Amanda , I am a stay at home mom of 3 awesome children. “Michael 15, Daisy 10, and Briar 7” and I have been homeschooling all three of them since my oldest was in 5th grade. But more about that later.  I am married to “Wayne”  a wonderful very supportive man of all trades. We are actively involved in church and 4h.

We live our lives one day at a time. After all that’s why we homeschool, so that we are free of schedules and free to chose how we learn. Free to do things the way we enjoy doing them. Sure Wayne is on a schedule with work but that doesn’t require much from the rest of us.

Ok so not everyday goes unorganized. We are actively involved in Church and 4h, which is only on certain days at certain times. But aside from that we do things our way. We have chosen to live this way because it is less stressful and the children are not forced to learn the traditional way with the excess work the schools are forcing these children to do.

Wayne and I both love animals and hunting/ fishing. We love the old ways of life and want our kids to grow up knowing how to do all the hands on things that was done long ago. This is one reason why we keep them involved in 4h. All 3 of our kids show pigs at the county fair each year. They learn many things through 4h, which I will explain in a later post.

At the church Michael is in the youth program where he has been to “SLU” this is a leadership program for Christian youth. Daisy and Briar are involved in the children’s choir, and just recently finished a great play “Not your average Joe” this is a story about Joseph. Wayne has been in the choir before himself. Not quit my thing, I am more of a crafty person, which is why I was asked to create some of the props for the play. This just shows we all have our own way of serving the lord.

Wayne and I both love our children very much and enjoy spending every moment we can with them. Michael, Daisy, and Briar. are all very amazing children who love the Lord, animals and life.  We are all very thankful to the Lord for allowing us to live in a country where we are free to learn and live the way we choose.

Are you homeschooling your child/children or thinking about it? Are you and your family involved in serving the Lord? How about 4h? What do yall do? If so write in the comment section. I would love to hear the different ideas or questions/comments you have about these things!

It’s all FAIR!

So FAIR season is here, which means we are gonna be very busy….. See all three of our kids show pigs at the county fair.

Every year in July we get a pig thats 6weeks old and weighs around 30-40 lbs. This pig has to be between 220 lbs and 300 lbs by the time it is 6 months old. 

Feeding the pig to make a certain weight takes dedication and hard work. We have to monitor their intake on food as well as their poop. “Yep their poop!” It can’t be runny or too hard because that means its got a tummy ache. Not good for gaining weight.

When we get to the fair we get so nervous… This is the moment we find out if all our hard work has paid off. Does the pig make weight. If it does great now we get to show off all our skills.

The kids get to walk the pig around infront of a judge. Not like a dog on a leash though… They have a stick that they tap the pig on the side of the neck with to let it know which way to go.

This can be rather exhausting! Briar “my youngest” finds crazy ways of relaxing!

After working hard cleaning out the pin and putting new shavings.

They find things like roping to keep them entertained between shows and feedings.

Show time they must look their best. 

Ahhhh! Nap time!

We get hungry too!